Farmers like you are at the heart of our economy

Unfortunately, the demand for water exceeds the supply in this state, so it’s vital to have irrigation parts & supplies that are efficient and fully functional.

Our Services


At Oasis Excavating LLC, we know that broken or inefficient irrigation equipment has direct consequences to your livelihood. We offer an extensive selection of irrigation designs and engineering to make sure your equipment will not only work, but work efficiently.

New Install

Incorrect installation can lead to costly repairs. We have the expertise and resources to install your machinery correctly. Make sure your project is in good hands by hiring the team at Oasis Excavating LLC.

Repair & Maintenance

In addition to our parts and supplies, we offer prompt repair and maintenance of irrigation and center pivots. As one of the foremost methods of irrigation, center pivot irrigation is vital for thoroughly irrigating large areas of land while conserving water. Make sure your center pivot system is properly maintained by calling in Oasis Excavating LLC. We’re able to repair all types of equipment at a moment’s notice.

Pipeline & Trenching

Greg has over 20 years of experience in excavation techniques and can work with you for the best results. Our goal is to focus on the following during all pipeline and trenching projects

Safety: Anyone on or near the site will remain safe at all times.
Preparation: We will do any preliminary work to identify the correct areas and depths.
Accuracy: Equipment and pipes won’t be damaged during the process, and we’ll ensure excavation is done precisely.

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