Sprinkler Upgrades


Improve your water application with new sprinklers. Upgrading your sprinklers leads to higher efficiency and increased irrigation uniformity, saving you water and money.

Reasons to Upgrade

Low-Pressure Sprinklers Conserve Energy

  • Low-pressure sprinkler technology reduces your energy bill.
  • Effectively operate sprinklers at 10-20 PSI.
  • Local cost-sharing programs can help pay for energy- and water-efficient sprinkler technology.

New Sprinkler Technology Provides Efficiency and Uniformity

  • Less drift: Droplet sizes designed for minimum wind drift.
  • Save resources: Achieve maximum water savings when used in combination with drops.
  • Higher yields: Even distribution of water across the field contributes to increased yields.
  • Improved flow: Replace or add pressure regulators to achieve proper flows from each nozzle.
  • Higher performance: Worn-out regulators and pressure nozzles decrease efficiency and uniformity.

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